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What points must be considered for COVID-19 before traveling to China?

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is a pretty big situation globally. In China, everything is under control and quite restrictive measures are applied to keep everything under control. Before going to China, you will have to get a PCR test done to assure you do not have COVID. Later, that would be shown at the airport. Once you arrive in China, you have to be quarantined in the city where you land and be locked up for 1 week. Later, you are transferred to your respective city and another quarantine of 1 or 2 weeks has to be done (depending on the city and modifications made in each community and prefecture).

VERY IMPORTANT: buy a direct flight to go to China. If you do a stopover, it is most likely that you will not arrive in China in months, since you will have problems because you have passed through other countries and they will ask you for infinite documents and PCR tests all the time.

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