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How is public transport in China?

Normally, large cities are usually well connected by both metro and bus, and even by tram on some occasions (rarer). Between cities, you can usually get there by train, especially high-speed trains in China, the truth is that they stand out quite a lot both for their comfort and their speed in reaching the destination.

In slightly smaller destinations, public transport may not be developed and there are many tourist spots that are not very well connected to each other. In these cases, you can contact and hire a car with a driver that will take you to all places during the days you need. This option can also be considered when traveling in a well-connected city in case you want to save time, have more intimate space or simply do not want to be walking between points of interest.

If you plan to do a route (such as Chuanxi), it is recommended to rent a vehicle with a local driver who knows the area to drive you through the different cities.

Last but not least, if you want to save a little money, public bikes in China are perfect for getting around! By simply downloading the App of the bike company, you can activate and remove the bike lock and move and leave it wherever you want. It is very comfortable because in China there are many bikes of this type, so you would find them anywhere!