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Zhoushan Islands

In summer, the fine sand and black stone beaches of Jihu and Wushitang are at their best. In the early hours of the morning, locals and tourists stroll quietly along the sea, accompanied by others who climb up to the observation deck “Light point of the new century" to see the best sunrise. And when the sun is already high in the sky, while some set out to try the maritime attractions, others prefer to climb Daqing Mountain or visit the houses abandoned by the old fishers on Dongfushan and Gouqi Islands. Once night begins, the species of the seas turn on their bright lights and join the starry sky, which, together with the bonfires and their companions singing around, create a warm and unforgettable image.

How to get +

By plane: Zhoushan City has its own airport. It works with several airlines, all nationals of China, so if you travel from another country you will have to make a stopover at airports such as Shanghai or Beijing.

By train: Currently there are no trains that go directly to the destination, but it is known that in 2019 they started a new project of a high-speed submarine train to connect Ningbo City with Zhoushan.

By bus: being an important vacation spot, bus services are great and would be the best option to travel to the city. The most frequently used lines depart from Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo (the cities closest to Zhoushan), heading to Wugongshi Pier (蜈蚣峙码头), in Putuo (an island of Zhoushan). The price of tickets is usually between ¥70 and ¥150 if you depart from one of these destinations, and can be purchased directly at the station ticket offices, without the need for advance purchase.

By ferry: As it is an archipelago, it has a dense and developed network of ferry lines between the inhabited islands and the mainland. From the mainland, the main ferry connections to Zhoushan are from Shanghai and Beilun Port (Ningbo), both bound for Putuoshan Pier.

By car: If you plan to visit other destinations near Zhoushan, such as the aforementioned Ningbo, you can take a rental car or your own car to go to some coastal areas of China and then take the highway that leads directly to Zhoushan.

Travel tips +


If it is in the islands, it is recommended to rent a car with driver. The price will depend on the vehicle and the time of the year, but will range from ¥300-800 / day. To rent it, it is better to do it through tourist intermediaries or reliable pages in advance, at bus stations or docks, or in the most visited tourist spots on each island, where there are always taxi drivers.

To move from one island to another, you have to use means of transport such as ferry or boat, by sea. Therefore, there are docks on all the islands, where you can go to buy tickets. However, it is highly recommended to buy them in advance and choose, as far as possible, options such as high-speed passenger boats, since they are faster and there is not as much movement on the vehicle (to avoid dizziness).


The climate is subtropical, and it is recommended to travel in late summer or autumn. It should be noted that rainfall is abundant, but for the autumn months they tend to decrease considerably. It is a place with high humidity, therefore, wearing enough clothes between washing and drying is very important.


Essential to carry:

Before traveling it is important to prepare medicine that help against motion sickness in public transport, and bring clothes for bathing and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun in summer.

Gastronomy +

Being a destination surrounded by the sea, the most typical dishes of Zhoushan are made with seafood.

Sable fish (红烧带鱼): is known to all those who have tasted it as the best in the world. The fish is cleaned well and cut into large pieces, simmered with different basic seasonings such as garlic, dried chilli, leek and once the water has evaporated, the fish is ready and full of flavor.

Grilled razor shells (铁板蛏子): consists of boiling the razor shells with ginger, while the iron pot is heating over low heat with a little oil and onion. They make a sauce with chives, seafood sauce, sugar, and water. At the end, they add the razor shells with their sauce and cook for a few minutes over low heat.

Grilled fish (大烤目鱼): is a typical dish and the whole fish is cooked on the grill. The entire fish including its tentacles are previously marinated with a special seasoning and once finished, it has a bright color and an exquisite smell.

Steamed Crab Fried Rice Cake (梭子蟹炒年糕): is a delicacy that uses crabs, rice cake, chives, etc. as ingredients. It is cooked with rice wine and soy sauce, all mixed. And the result is a delicious plate of juicy rice cake with salty and sweet crabmeat.

Useful contacts +

Tourist office: 0580-228-0718.

Zhoushan Hospital: 580-255-8299.

Police station: 580-207-2255.

Transport customer service: 0580-388-9090.

Public security: 110.