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Harbin is a city rich in different cultures that has become a true world of ice and snow, perfect for anyone who likes to enjoy the cold weather. In the city of Harbin, thousands of tourists walk along Zhongyang Street, a place full of mixes of Russian and Chinese culture. This is where everyone enjoys the performances of street artists around Saint Sophia's Church (圣索菲亚教堂) and its square. After winter arrives, the ice sculptures are erected all year round next to the famous Harbin Ice and Snow World (冰雪大世界) theme park, creating a world of true fantasy.

How to get +

By plane: has the Harping Taiping International Airport (哈尔滨太平国际机场), which is located about 33 kilometers southwest of the city. You can access the city of Harbin by direct flights from other large cities in the country. Also, once you get to the airport, you can take a bus directly from there that takes you anywhere in the city. The price is ¥20 per person, and it has many different routes.

By train: there are trains from all major cities to Harbin, Harbin West Railway Station. Above all, it is very comfortable to go by high-speed train, being able to save a lot of time and visit other destinations along the way.

Travel tips +

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is held at the end of December each year. Therefore, it must be said that the best time to travel to Harbin and enjoy an exciting and fun experience is the month of December to February of each year.


What to carry with you:

Because the climate of Harbin is freezing and dry during winter, the temperature can reach -20º C to -40º C and for this, it is very important to wear warm clothes and carry enough clothes just in case.

It is recommended to buy winter body warmers, they are small “patches” of heater that are stuck over the clothes and that release heat for 10 – 12 hours. They can be purchased in any supermarket or store at a very low price.

We recommend bringing a moisturizer to avoid dry skin.

The useful life of the battery is reduced very quickly at a temperature below zero and there is nothing better than carrying a Powerbank (External Battery for mobile phones) in your pocket so that you can be well connected in case anything happens.

It is important to note that winter days in Harbin are very short, starting at 7:30 and ending at 16:30. Shopping centers close at 20:30 and many buses stop their service at 19:00.



The public transport system in Harbin City is quite well developed with more than 100 interconnected bus routes in all parts of the city. It is one of the best methods of transportation around Harbin.

You can take a taxi, since, being in an extremely cold climate, there are usually complications with public transport, so this is very convenient and recommended to be able to reach any destination without a problem.

 Also, for those who want to save time and have a more intimate space or visit more cities, you can hire a car with a driver, which can be reserved a day or two before your trip or before starting your trip. The price is around ¥500 per car, although it depends a lot on the time of the year.

Gastronomy +

Harbin red sausage (哈尔滨红香肠): it is a very typical Harbin food, a type of smoked sausage which origin is Russia and Lithuania. It is made primarily from pork, seasoned with starch, garlic, and other ingredients. All this is poured into the guts and passed through a meticulous smoke with local wood, obtaining a delicious delicacy that cannot be eaten anywhere else. Due to its reddish color it is called “red sausage”, and it is always recommended to eat it with a cold beer.

Modern ice popsicle (马迭尔冰棍): if you thought that ice cream does not smell like anything, it is because you have not tried Harbin’s original Modern ice cream, made with natural ingredients based mainly on milk and eggs, without other additives, preserving its so traditional flavor and aroma.

It is an ice cream that symbolizes Harbin, which has been maintaining the usual recipe for more than 100 years. There is a saying that goes like this: “If you travel in Harbin and don’t try the Modern palette, it’s like not going to the Great Wall of China on a visit to Beijing.”

Crispy bittersweet pork (锅包肉): rich pork sautéed with oils and spices typical of the city. Its crunchy outer texture will leave you with your mouth watering just by looking at it, in addition to having a ​​soft interior with which you will have a mixture of flavors between sour and sweet and with an explosion of aroma when biting.

Dalieba (俄罗斯大列巴): “Da” means big in Chinese and “lieba” bread in Russian. As its name suggests, the bread is large and round, weighs about 2.5kg and is made mainly with wheat flour. On the outside, it has a crispy dark-colored crust, while inside it has a soft and fluffy crumb, with a slightly sweet and sour flavor.

Chocolate “Alenka” (俄罗斯巧克力之大头娃娃爱莲巧): it is the most famous Russian-style chocolate. The chocolate has various flavors such as milk, almond, hazelnut, popcorn, raisins with hazelnuts, honey with milk, etc. If you haven’t tried it yet, here is your chance to buy it without having to go to Russia.

Kvass (格瓦斯): it is the favorite drink of the Russians. Literally the word “kvass” means “yeast of bread.” It is made from rye and malt flour (rye and barley) and a little dry rye bread. During the process, fruits such as strawberries, herbs, honey, flowers, etc. are added.

Accommodation +

Aoluguya hotel (敖麓谷雅): it stands out for its luxurious atmosphere, the combination of quality, comfort and location, offering the best services and facilities.

Price per night: around ¥800-1200.

Address: Nº 800 ChuangXin 3rd Road, Harbin, China, 150001.

Contact: 0451-8593-2358.

Reservations can be made via Tripadvisor.


Harbin Joy Boutique Hotel (旅悦精品酒店): Un hotel de alta calidad y bajo coste. Goza de una ubicación privilegiada en el centro de Harbin, a 1,5 km de la calle central Zhongyang.

Price per night: ¥200 – 500 approximately.

Address: Nº 180, Tongjiang Street, Daoli, Harbin.

Contact: 0451-5913-6777.

Reservations can be made via Booking.


Mercure Harbin SongBei (美居酒店): Situado a 15 km de la calle central, cuenta con una vista impresionante al lago. Es un hotel moderno con un ambiente interno elegante y con atmosfera hogareña.

Price per night: over ¥300.

Address: Nº 999, Keji second Street, SongBei District.

Contact: 0451-5151-7999.

Reservations can be made via Booking.

Useful contacts +

Tourist inquiries: 0451-8765-6661.

Claims: 0451-8701-0055 / 0451-8466-4315.

Police: 110.

Harbin Nº 1 Hospital (哈尔滨医科大学附属第一医院): 0451-5364-3849/5362-3220.

Tourist office: 0451-8466-4600.