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Yading ( འདབ་པའི་ཉི་བརྟེན་མཛེས་ལྗོངས་ཁུལ་)

Among the three sacred mountains, Daocheng Yading’s pilgrimage route extends in an environment surrounded by high mountains (Chenrezig, Jampayang and Chenadorje), green forests and white snow. At a high altitude, animals freely graze at Luorong Farm, including the famous Tibetan Yak. A little further away, in 5-color Lake and Niunai Lake, the blue sky and snowy mountains show their figures on the clear waters and create a multi-colored reflection.

Things to do +

▲▲Go to the city-town Shangri-La (香格里拉镇)

Description: this place is called the “Soul of Shangri-La” (香格里拉之魂), and it is located in the south of Daocheng county. Known as the core of Shangri-La’s ecotourism zone, it is a tourist city with a perfect natural environment, rich in its mountainous landscape and its large number of tourist service facilities.

Here, you can visit Luoke Square (洛克广场), where you can fly a drone to capture the best images of the surroundings and the best views.

Near the square, there are many local restaurants that offer typical dishes, among which you can try the famous Yak and Tsampa.

The entrance to the tourist attraction of Yading is located here, therefore this will be where you will have to buy the tickets and start your pilgrimage route.

The price of each ticket is ¥150 and lasts two days.


Once you buy your ticket, you can buy another different one (¥120) to go on a tour bus that will take you to Zhaguanbeng (扎灌崩), and along the way you can see the green landscape of Yading (亚丁村) and Longtongba. (龙同坝).


▲▲Explore Zhaguanbeng (扎灌崩)

Description: Zhaguanbeng means in Tibetan “the end of a great mountain cliff”. According to legend, formerly there were monks who practiced in the cave on the cliff, where Zhaguan Temple was built afterwards.

From here, you can take a 0.5 km walk to Chonggu Temple, and it is, in fact, one of the only parts that will be done on foot since the two places are quite close to each other. Along the way you will see the forest landscape along with views of Chenrezig Mountain (仙乃日), one of the three sacred mountains and considered one of the ten most beautiful and impressive mountains in China.


▲▲Visit Chonggu Temple (冲古寺)

Description: at 3880 meters above sea level, the temple is located at the foot of Chenrezig, and currently only some parts of it remain as it was severely destroyed.

In Chonggu they offer the possibility of riding an electric motorcycle to Luorong Farm at a price of ¥50 per person, and in case of being a round trip it would be a total of ¥80.


▲▲Have a unique experience at Luorong Farm (洛绒牧场)

Description: It is an alpine meadow where the animals of local villagers graze. Cattle roam freely under the sun, enjoying the green grass and clear waters.

Tourists come here to enjoy the environment and relaxation that nature brings, along with the views of the sacred mountains (Chenrezig, Jampayang and Chenadorje) that are clearer than ever from here. Above all, the style of the Tibetan buildings is very special, with a clear local and unique vibe.

From this point you can choose to ride a horse to Niunai Lake (牛奶海), which is located at a distance of 5 km from here, so you can enjoy the landscape along the way. The round trip price per person is ¥300-500.


▲▲▲Watch Niunai Lake (牛奶海)

Description: also called Erongcuo (俄绒措), it consists in an ancient glacial lake shaped like a drop of water. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the lake is known for its clear blue water color and white circle around, that’s why it’s named Niunai (milk in Chinese).

In this area, we recommend you to do a little hiking to reach the lake that is right next to it, which is the 5-color Lake (五色海). The road between these two points contains slopes, so it is challenging for everyone. Even if it is only 300 meters, it can easily take half an hour by foot.


▲▲▲End up your visit at 5-color Lake (五色海)

Description: also called Danzengcuo (丹增措), it is a round-shaped lake located between Chenrezig and Jampayang mountains. These snow-covered elevations reflect their figures on the water, presenting diverse and fantastic colors. It is a sacred lake well known in Tibetan areas, and it is said that it can “reproduce history and predict the future”.


▲▲▲Watch the sunrise /sunset over the sacred mountains

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to witness the phenomenon of “sun rays on the golden mountain” (日照金山). Depending on the mountain you want to see, you will have to go to one point or another.

Chenrezig: one of the ten most beautiful and impressive mountains in China, it is known in Tibetan as “Avalokitesvara” of Buddhism. It is said that if Tibetans worship the holy mountain three times, their wishes will come true.

    • The best observation point of this peak is Zhaguanbeng or Niunai Lake.

Jampayang (央迈勇):  in Tibetan it means “Manjushri”, and it is a sacred mountain located to the south with an altitude of 5958 meters, being the one that occupies the first place in Buddhism among the three mountains. Here, Manjushri is the embodiment of wisdom.

    • The best spot to see this mountain is Luorong Farm.

Chenadorje (夏诺多吉):  It represents “Vajrasattva” in Buddhism, and it is the sacred snowy mountain that rises in the eastern area, ranking third in Buddhism of the three sacred mountains. This represents the God of peace and tranquility, brave and strong.

    • The best observation point is Zhaguanbeng.

How to get +

To get to Yading (稻城亚丁), you must go by car. This is because there is no type of public transport that leads to this tourist place directly. However, there are buses which goes to Daocheng county, but it is at a distance from our destination. Therefore, once you arrive at Daochengyading Airport, we recommend you hire a taxi to Yading, which has a cost of approximately ¥100-150 each person.

Travel tips +

Yading is a nationwide reserve in Daocheng, in southwestern Sichuan province. It is a very important Tibetan pilgrimage site that includes points sanctified by the fifth Dalai Lama. For this reason, its visiting points form a route and are very well linked to each other. It is highly recommended to visit it following the order we talked about before, as it is the most convenient one. Whenever there is an opportunity to not go by foot, just take advantage of it, since the route is long and can be really exhausting. Not only that, but tiredness could lead to dizziness and great discomfort.

Depending on the travel time you have, we recommend three different routes:

3-hour route: go from Shangri-La town to Chonggu Temple and end up the visit there.

Shangri-La Town – Zhaguanbeng (by foot)– Chonggu Temple.

More than 7 hours route (if you have free the whole day): do all the way from Shangri-La to the 5-color Lake.

Shangri-La Town– Zhaguanbeng (by foot)– Chonggu Temple (electric motorbike) – Luorong Farm (hourse) – Niunai Lake (by foot) – 5-color Lake.

2-day route:  if, otherwise, you prefer to have a more peaceful visit, you can spend the first whole day in Shangri-La Town (Daocheng) enjoying the food and the local atmosphere. And later, on the second day, enter the tourist attraction and take a tour from the town of Shangri-La to the end.

Shangri-La Town– Zhaguanbeng (by foot)– Chonggu Temple (electric motorbike) – Luorong Farm (hourse) – Niunai Lake (by foot) – 5-color Lake.


To move within Yading, there are many types of transportation such as horseback riding, electric motorcycle, by foot or by bus tour. On very rare occasions you would have need a car to get around, since it is a Tibetan pilgrimage route that has very good connections between all its points. In addition, to protect the environment, private cars are prohibited from entering the tourist attraction.


Things to take with you:

Bring enough rain gear, as the weather changes a lot and it may suddenly go from sunny to rain.

Bring snacks for the trip, since you would use a lot of energy and a hint of carbohydrates will be very helpful, such as cookies, energy bars or chocolate.


We don’t recommend you enter the tourist attraction and start using oxygen bottles straight away, since it is better to gradually get used to the environment from the beginning. Dizziness, headaches, and the urge to vomit are normal.

Accommodation +

Crowne Plaza Yading:  surrounded by amazing mountainous landscapes, this luxurious hotel is in Shangri-La village.

Price per night: approximately ¥675-750.

Address: No.16 Echuhe Road, Shangri-la Town, 627750 Daocheng, China.

Contact: 0836-572-5888.

Reservations available via Booking.

Daocheng Buer Hostel:  this is a Tibetan-style hostel with great views of Daocheng’s mountains.

Price per night: around ¥195-210.

Address: Nº71 Dexi Community, Daocheng County, 084708 Daocheng, China.

Contact: 0180-1127-1627.

You can make the reservation on intermediaries such as Booking.

Useful contacts +

Daochengyading touristic center: 0887-572-7276.

Daochengyading customer support: 0836-696-6022.

Daochengyading complaints: 0836-696-6021.

Public security: 110.

Daocheng Zhongzang Hospital: 0836-572-8120.