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Shengsi Islands

Shengsi nights illuminated by the bioluminescent sea and bonfires on the beach are something unique to this small island. While in the morning you can visit the small Santorini and the “Rock of the Hand of Buddha” to enjoy the landscape and the culture, at night you will not want to miss the blue tears of the sea. And for the bravest people, an uninhabited City opens its doors among the vegetation, showing one of the most beautiful abandoned places in the world.

Things to do +

Visit Huaniao Island(花鸟岛)

Description: it is an island that is in the northernmost part of Shengsi Islands in Zhoushan, and it has the shape of a seagull with outstretched wings. Also known as Little Santorini, the name of this destination means flowers and birds, because it is full of flowers and forests full of species, hence its name.

Here, you can visit Huaniao lighthouse (花鸟灯塔) located at the northwest end of Huaniao Mountain. It occupies approximately 13 square meters and is 16.5 meters high, divided into 4 floors. In the darkness of the night, it serves as a guide for fishing boats and citizens.

Bioluminescent Sea (荧光海): also called “Blue Tears“, it is one of the most famous phenomena on Huaniao Island. Marine animals produce light by transforming chemical energy into light, which creates a brilliant blue color in the sea.

Many visitors go to see the night landscape of the starry sky with the bioluminescent sea, something really unique to the islands.

To be able to see the colorful sea, you have to go between May and September.

It appears approximately after 20:30, at the North Pier or where the Rock of the Hand of Buddha is.

Rock of the Hand of Buddha (佛手石): it is a rock on the cliffs in the north of Huaniao Mountain. It is shaped like a hand, with each and every one of its fingers clear and separated.

Many visit this place to see the sunrise and sunset due to the clear views it has, showing how the sky and the sea mix together.

The ticket to Huaniao Island is ¥85 each.


Walk along Jihu Beach (基湖沙滩)

Description: it is the largest beach in the archipelago and it is especially popular for its fine sand and clear water that reflects the blue sky.

At night, a bonfire is usually made, around which people dance and sing, creating a very social and warm atmosphere. Also, the sky shows all its stars at night, making it the best time to visit the beach and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

In Jihu Beach, the ticket price per person is ¥60 during the day and ¥20 at night.


Drive on the “Left Edge Road” (左岸公路)

Description: known as the most beautiful road in Asia, it is a highway that surrounds the archipelago and gives the best views of the place, combining the infinite sea and the colors of the mountain.

It is recommended to rent a motorcycle (¥20 person / 1 hour) or take your own bicycle to take a ride and enjoy the views and the sea breeze.

It is always better to go at sunset time, when the sun is setting and the road has an orange color, along with the sea that reflects a reddish color.


Get into Gouqi Island(枸杞岛)

Description: known as the “Little Oriental Greece”, it is the second largest island in the archipelago, shaped like a T. It has mountains, large rocks and a large amount of vegetation.

Here, tourists visit the Uninhabited Town (无人村). It is a town uninhabited for decades, currently invaded by vegetation, easily visible on the houses with the walls covered by plants. It is called one of the most beautiful abandoned destinations in the world, and definitely a place that you cannot miss.

Tickets to the observation deck are ¥10 per person, and if you want to enter the town the ticket is ¥25 each.

At the easternmost point of Shengshan Island (嵊山岛), there is a cliff called Dongya (东崖绝壁) tens of meters high that extends even into the sea. Here, the sea waves hit the coast and on the cliff there are numerous stone carvings from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Dongya tickets are ¥50 each.

How to get +

Tickets to transport within the archipelago (in case you are already in Zhoushan) can be purchased at the official account Shengsi Central Passenger Transport Station (嵊泗客运总站), through Wechat. In case they are tickets from other communities to Shengsi, you will have to buy them in those communities. For example, tickets from Ningbo to Shengsi, will have to be bought at Ningbo Station or the official websites of that interchange.

If you depart from other communities or cities to Shengsi:

From Shanghai: you can buy a ticket that includes bus + ferry at Nanpu Bridge Station that will drive you directly to Gouqi Island, at a price of approximately ¥140 per person.

From Ningbo: you can take a bus to Sanjiang Marina (三江码头) at a price of ¥60 and which lasts 2 hours. Then you can go from there to Shengsi directly by boat, at a price of ¥140 approximately and that lasts 2 hours.

From Hangzhou: at Jiubao Station (九堡客运中心), you can go by bus to Shenjiawan (沈家湾), where you get on the ferry that will take you to Lizhushan Pier (李柱山码头) in Shengsi. The total price is ¥220 per person.

If, on the other hand, you are already in Zhoushan and want to transport to Shengsi:

To go from any island in Zhoushan to Shengsi, all visitors must pass through Zhujiajian or Shenjiamen. It doesn’t matter if you depart from Taohua, Dongji or any other islands, you have to go through the two stops mentioned above to get to Sijiao Pier (泗礁码头), in the main island of Shengsi.

Travel tips +


Shengsi is a small island, and the only two types of transport are bus or taxi, although the last one is much more recommended. You can also rent a car with driver, recommended if you want to take a guided tour.

To go from Shengsi to Gouqi or Huaniao, you can buy the ferry tickets at Shengsi Central Passenger Transport Station (嵊泗客运总站) via Wechat, and the price will vary depending on the season and destination.


It is very important to know the piers to which the ferries go, since the islands sometimes have several piers and there can be quite a distance between them.


We recommend you to carry a flashlight to be able to illuminate the way to go to see the bioluminescent sea, since the surroundings of the destination are very dark.

Accommodation +

Shengsi Huajing Villa: it is a fairly simple and very local style villa with the necessary basic facilities. From the window, you can see the entire green forest and the blue sky.

You can make the reservation via Booking or Agoda.

The price per night is aproximadately ¥225.

Address: Nº7 Longxing Middle Road, Huangxing Village, Wulong, Shengsi, 202450 Shengsi, China.

Contact: 0580-510-1055.


Shengsi Xihai Guesthouse: located on the beachfront in Zhoushan, this is a quite modern accommodation with the best facilities and services. In the morning it includes an open buffet breakfast.

Reservations are available on Booking or Agoda.

Address: Nº14 Waishanzui, Huicheng Village, Wulong Township, Shengsi County, 202450 Zhoushan, China.

The price per night is ¥250-500.

Useful contacts +

Nanpu Bridge Passenger Transport Station: 0400-887-2626

Shengsi Passenger Transport Terminal: 0580-528-0580

Huaniao Island Official contact: 0580-559-6999/ 0580-559-6998/ 0580-811-7000

Shengsi Tourist office: 0580-507-0706.

Shengsi People’s Hospital (嵊泗县人民医院): 0580-508-4962/ 0580-555-0555.

Complaints: 0580-508-7825.