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Kanas Village

The word "Kanas" means "beautiful and mysterious" in the local dialect, which perfectly describes this place. It is known for its lake, Kanas Lake, along with snow-capped mountains, endless grasslands and birch forests, which together make it to be called "Eastern Switzerland".

In autumn, the endless golden birch forests give this place a special vibe, blurring the horizon at sunset. And in winter, the fog and snow turn Kanas into a fantasy world full of treasures to discover.

Things to do +

▲Visit the great Kanas Lake and the Fish Lookout

Description: the main Kanas Lake is situated in the great forest-covered mountains of Altay. To the east is the Village of Hemu and to the west that of Baihaba. It is known for its famous “lake monsters” and its water that change color in different seasons, which together form a unique landscape that you cannot find elsewhere.

On the west shore is the so-called “Camel Peak” (骆驼峰), one of the main peaks of the Altay Mountains, where you can get the best views of Kanas Lake from its Fish Lookout (观鱼台). Its panoramic views to almost the entire bottom of the lake, also include the landscape of the forests in the background; to the north, the highest peak of the Altay Mountains, the “Friendship Peak” (友谊峰), is clearly seen and makes it an indispensable place to visit in your plan. There are two ways to go up to the Fish Lookout:

By bus: take a bus from Kanas or Hemu bus interchange for free.

By car (during winter): you get there and can start the visit with food straight away.

By foot: there are 1068 stairs in total, which would take about an hour and a half to get there.

Kanas Lake is open every day of the year. Its opening hours are mainly from 08:30 to 19:30 since depending on local holidays and weather conditions it may undergo changes that will be published on the notice board on the website of kns.gpv.cn.


▲▲Visit Baihaba Village

Description: Baihaba is a village located in the municipality of Tireketi, in the border area with Kazakhstan, known as the first town in the west and one of the eight most beautiful villages in China. Its unique ethnic costumes, its religious cult, and its own cultural characteristics make it a unique place that cannot be out of your plans. Due to its distance from the big cities, Baihaba continues to maintain the most traditional customs, ideal for spending a day of relaxation and learn a lot from this culture. One of the best experiences of this place is to stay one night in the local hostels, which are usually wooden houses, to fully experience the life of the Tuva.

The village is 28km from Kanas, it is recommended to take the tourist bus that leaves every day from Kanas Tourist Center. The bus normally leaves at 16:00 and returns to Kanas at 10:00 the next day (you can only take the same bus back). You can also drive your car in winter, and there’s up to 5 checkpoints that check if the car follows the travel requirements and the border control certificate of all members.

Tickets: From May 1 to October 15, it’s ¥30 / person. From October 16 to April 30: ¥15 / person.

Very important: To enter Baihaba, you need to request a Border Control Certificate in Kanas. But now, it is only open to tourists of Chinese nationality. You may have to request such permission through a local travel agency with special permission and it is forbidden to use drones in Baihaba.


▲▲Watch the night sky

Description: The Moon and the stars illuminate the city of Kanas at night on the days that there is no fog. If you visit it one of these days, you are a really lucky person.


Enjoy the morning fog

Description: fog is very common at all times of the year, so getting up early to enjoy a foggy morning is one of the essential things to do in this place.

How to get +

From Burqin airport: You can take a direct bus from the airport or order a taxi to get off at the entrance of Kanas Park. The park entrance is 33km from the town. You will have to take the local bus at the entrance to get to the Kanas town bus interchange.

From Hemu Town: You can take a direct bus from Hemu bus interchange. Very important: in winter the local buses stop operating and you can enter with a private.

Tickets and prices +

To enter Kanas, a ticket is required. You can buy it at the ticket office upon arrival and its prices are:

From May 1 to October 15: ¥160/ person / 2 days.

From October 16 to April 30: ¥80 / person / 2 days or ¥100 / person / including Hemu and Baihaba.