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Dongji Islands

On the seashores of Dongji Islands, the illuminating light of Diyishao Lighthouse shines on the sea. On the observation deck "Point of light of the new century", the dawn sun appears peeking over the horizon. Going deeper, the abandoned stone houses full of memories of locals will give you a nostalgic feeling. While, a few kilometers away, “Potala on the sea” will take your mind to distant Tibet, with its thick fog covering the clear sea.

Things to do +

Go into Miaozihu Island (庙子湖岛)

Description: among the many islands of Dongji, this is the main one with peaks and rocks, fishing and shellfish gathering (among others). In addition, it is the most developed of all.

You can take a bus tour to travel around the island, which will take you to the most interesting points of the place.

Here you will find the statue of Caibogong (财伯公雕像), the first person to come to Dongji.


Visit Dongfushan Island (东福山岛)

Description: it is considered one of the most beautiful islands, called “the hometown of the wind, the hotbed of rain, the kingdom of fog and the cradle of waves.”

It has become one of the best options to see the sunrise due to the observation deck “Point of light of the new century” (新世纪曙光). It is said that during the year there are only 50 days in which you can see the best sunrise.

Many visitors go to the seashore to see a lighthouse with red and white colors interspersed called Donghai Diyishao Lighthouse (东海第一哨灯塔), where they take photos and see the sunset in its maximum splendor. Also, it is famous for showing at the movie Houhuiwuqi (后会无期).

If you approach the foot of Xiangbi Mountain (象鼻峰) from the sea it is impressive, because when you raise your head, you will see that it really is as its name suggests, shaped like an elephant trunk.

Stone houses (石屋群): they are a specific type of Dongfushan houses located in the north of the island. In the distance, it looks like an old castle, abandoned and uninhabited by the sea for many years.


Explore Qingbang Island (青浜岛)

Description: this is another of the well-known islands of Dongji, this place is painted green in spring and summer and surrounded by the sea of ​​an indigo color, hence the meaning of “Qing” in its name.

If you haven’t had time to go to Shengsi Islands, you have to take advantage of this opportunity to see the bioluminescent sea here.

In addition, here you will have the opportunity to visit the so-called “Potala on the sea” (海上布达拉宫). Due to the connection of buildings and the sea that is often covered by fog, this tourist attraction presents a mirage of Potala Palace in Tibet.

How to get +

To get to Dongji Islands, there’s need to go by ferry. From Zhoushan Shenjiamen Pier (沈家门), there is no direct ferry to Dongfushan, so:

Go first to Miaozihu (¥100-150), and then from there take another ferry to Dongfushan (30 ¥).

Also, there is a line that departs from Shenjiamen and stops at Miaozihu Islands and then Qingbang, at a price of ¥130 per person. In case you depart from Miaozihu and want to go to Qingbin, the ticket costs only ¥20.

To buy the tickets, log into the official Weixin account of Zhoushan Haixing Lunchuan (舟山海星轮船).

Tickets and prices +

Bus tour ticket at Miaozihu: ¥50-90 each.

Accommodation +

Haizhiyuan Hotel: this is a hotel located in an area with great mountain views, with all the necessary services and facilities.

You can make the reservation through tourist intermediaries like trip.com.

The estimated price per night is about 300¥ .

Address: Dongji Island, Zhoushan, 316141, Zhejiang, China.


Zenstay Boutique Hotel: unlike the previous option, this one offers excellent views of the sea. The exterior design of the building is very special, and its interior is very elegant.

Bookings are available on trip.com.

The estimated price per night is around ¥650-700.

Address: No.20-21 Lane 1, Dongjibutou, Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China.

Useful contacts +

Shenjiamen Passenger Terminal: 0580-301-3775.

Dongji Shipping company: 0580-306-7589.