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Dali Ancient City

During the day, the Sheet Factory has a warm and dynamic atmosphere, with thousands of visitors around creating their own local-style jewelry. On the shores of Erhai Lake, the most adventurous ones ride their bikes around the lake, and also go to the ecological park to enjoy some fresh air. Once night starts, the bars turn on the lights and start their music performances, giving Dali Old Town a different vibe. At this time, both locals and tourists sit around the fire and socialize with each other, creating a unique and friendly atmosphere.

Things to do +

Enjoy the live music in the bars

Description: starting at 18:00, all the bars in Renminglu begin their country-style music performances. Sitting around a bonfire with other unknown people is, apart from a very good opportunity to meet local people, an unforgettable experience.

Address: Bar Yun You Huo Tang (云游火塘酒吧), 407 Renming Lu, Dali Gucheng.


Make original crafts and gifts.

Description: walk around the Sheet Factory, the most artistic area of ​​the city and discover original shops of local artists and artisans. Here you can design and create original jewelry and gifts with special silver and precious gems from Tibet. There are courses in English, but one can also sign up for private lessons at local craft shops.

More information:

Yao Wu Shou Zao (要物手)

Dali Chuangdanchang, Dali Gucheng.


Tour around Erhai Lake

Description: it is the second largest freshwater lake in Yunnan province. Erhai Lake is one of the four scenic spots in Dali, and is named for its ear shape (er means ear in Chinese, while hai means sea). Although its name indicates that it is a sea, it is actually a lake, and it is named like this by Bai ethnicity because of their longing for the sea.

Rent a motorbike or bicycle for a tour around Erhai. It is recommended that you start from the old town of Erhai and then follow Erhai Xi Lu road heading north. If you want to do the whole way around Erhai, you can check our Plan to go around Erhai in 3 days.

Near Erhai, you can find an ecological park, called Haishe (海舌公园). It consists of a long sandbar surrounded by water, with shadows of willows along the coast and a different landscape on each side of the shore. While on the one hand the waves hit strongly, on the other bright and clear waters are presented to the spectators. It is, of course, one of the best places to see Erhai Lake.

There’s no need to buy any ticket.

You can find bicycle, motorcycle and car rental shops in the main streets of the city and you can also consult the owner of your hostel as we mentioned.

Bike: around ¥30-50 per day.

Motorcycle: around ¥90-150¥ depending on the season.

Rent a car with driver: the estimated price is ¥400 per day.


See Wuhua Building (五华楼)

Description: The building was first constructed in Tang Dynasty and was the place for banquets in Nanzhao (南诏). After thousands of years, this landmark building has been burned down and rebuilt many times, and the infrastructure we see today was built in 1998, with four floors and a height of more than 20 meters.

You can climb for free to the highest point of the building, where you can see the entire old town and Cang Mountain in the distance. It is one of the points that will offer you the most complete panoramic image of this destination.

How to get +

By bus:

From the airport, there is a bus that takes you directly from there to the old town of Dali, and the price of the ticket is ¥25.

From Dali train station, there are two bus lines, either heading east (line 8) or west (Three Pagodas line) to Old Town.

By car with driver or taxi: as mentioned above, it is recommended for those who want to take a tour and visit many places on the route.

Travel tips +

It is important to know the customs and traditions of the ethnic minorities in Dali, so that you can show the greatest respect and not violate some local rules.