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Before Departure

The first thing to keep in mind before anything else is… Where do you want to go? When? Is it appropriate to go in that season to that destination? There are many questions, but on our website you will find answers to these doubts. In fact, we will give you many interesting places to choose from, so that you have a detailed idea of ​​what you can expect to find in every place.

Budget +

Once you know where you plan on going and the activities you are going to do, take a notebook and write down how much you are willing to spend on this adventure, separating it into different sections such as accommodation, food, leisure activities, transportation, etc. On Seasonal China you will have basically all the prices of the tickets, spends and accommodation of the destinations, so you will have a complete idea of ​​information about it. It is especially important to always have an extra amount of money just in case an incident occurs and to not have any issues (we do not want you to be shipwrecked in the oceans looking for your way back home).

Bookings +

When you reach to this step, you can already start thinking about all the paperwork you have to prepare, including the Visa.

The visa will only allow you entry once and stay 30 days tops.

You can get it through the Chinese Visa Application Service, or the Chinese consulate in your city (being a resident, local or registered person). In case you do not want to go through paperwork, you can look directly for an agency to process it for you. Normally requesting a month in advance is sufficient but ask the center for the duration of the request and the time it will take to arrive.

Generally necessary documents (there is a “Step By Step Guidance” section that will teach you all the steps to follow and the documents that you will have to deliver according to your situation):

Passport: with an expiry date at least more than 6 months after the day of application and a photocopy.

Application form: in case of small children, the birth certificate or family register will be needed. You will find the form in the “Quick Access” section, and then “New Application Form”, where you can fill it out online.

Proof of the bank account: even if the applicant does not have a job, he/she must justify having a minimum of €1000 and €100 per day of stay.

Round trip ticket and proof of accommodation.

The price varies according to different situations, but normally it is €126.55. If a more urgent procedure is needed the price would increase.

Once all documents have been prepared, in the same “Quick Access” section there is an “Appointment” section to make an appointment, where you will choose the time and center for an interview and request your visa.

Important: check that all your information is correct, and if not, notify the Visa center as soon as possible.

Temporary driver’s license +

Once you are very sure that you are going to China and you got your visa (recommended), you have to ask yourself another question, and it is if you are going to drive in China. To do so (if you are going to be there less than 3 months), you can get a temporary driving permit at the airport or traffic police station of the place where you are going. The necessary documentation is:

Your driving license (and its translation into Chinese)

International driving license.

Lodging reservation.

Application form.


However, we recommend that you rent a car with a driver or take public transport if the destination you are going to is very well connected. This is because there are spots in China where there is no signal, they are abandoned or simply have roads that are very difficult to drive through. So, to avoid any displeasure, it is better to be accompanied by local people who do know the place perfectly and know where to go and when to go to be safe and sound.

Travel insurance +

As you decide whether to apply for a temporary driving license, think about whether to take a travel insurance. We will always recommend you do it with a wide coverage, since at the end of the day you are heading to a destination that is quite unfamiliar. This way, you can avoid a lot of headaches in case of emergencies or cancellations of the trip, for example, or when a medical problem arises, since treatments in China are not cheap.

Weather & Get ready +

Now… you can prepare your luggage and start putting things inside! Here is a small recommendation: the flight is quite long (more than 20 hours easy, and if you make a stopover even more), then better bring a book, sudoku or whatever you entertain yourself with (on the plane you can watch series) to make the journey more interesting and less boring. Of course, if you are one of those who gets on the plane and takes a 10-hour nap, ignore what I just said. Apart from that, obviously you cannot forget things such as medication that is important to you and that you may not find abroad or any personal complement that you consider basic.


In addition, you have to consider the environment of the destination you are going to. First and foremost, it is very important to know the climate of the place you are going to. We already give you a large part of the work done, since we will tell you which the most suitable season is to go to each destination. Thus, in places with high rainfall or large overnight temperature changes, you should bring appropriate clothing and accessories just in case.


Also, other aspects such as altitude or other characteristics of the destination must be considered. For example, if you are going to visit Tibet, you will need oxygen bottles and medication for different situations. If you go to a place with many waterfalls and glaciers, prepare waterproof boots and ponchos.

Essencial apps +

When your suitcase is already super ready, take your mobile and start downloading applications that will be very useful.

Gaode map (高德地图): in China, Google Maps does not work well. Instead, people usually use Gaode, another very useful application to guide you to the destination you are going to and inform you about other information such as contacts, opinions of other users, nearby establishments, etc.

Translator: In China, it may be a bit difficult to communicate in English because only few people will understand you. Even though you use a translator from Google or another platform, it may not be completely correct, but at least it can help you get out of trouble and transmit simple messages.

VPN: if you want to use applications such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, you must use a VPN, which will locate you in a Spanish “network” and thus you will be able to access all these platforms without any problem.

Customs +

Another very important point is to do a little research on the customs of each place. For example, you should know that in many Chinese Buddhist temples you cannot go in with shorts or sunglasses. And in case you had not informed yourself well (we will offer you a lot of information about it, but it is recommended to investigate a little more about the culture and traditions), you may break some rules, so you will not be allowed to enter some places (such as Tibet, if you do not hire a travel agency) or have problems during the trip. Therefore, it is very important to be well informed.

Notify your bank +

Before going to China, we recommend you inform your bank that you are going abroad so that it does not block your card thinking that someone has stolen it and is using it abroad. In addition, the bank you have may send a text message every x month to verify that you are the one using the account. In case you cannot receive messages because you are not in your country, it can become a problem if you cannot, for example, make transfers in an emergency. So before leaving, you have to make sure to notify the bank just in case.

Currency exchange +

You can exchange the currency directly in China. In Spain it is very likely that the currency they give you will not be very favorable, so you can initially have a certain amount of ¥ in cash and then exchange euros directly in China.