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About Us

We are a super modern little Chinese team that has been traveling and living abroad for a long time, mainly in Spain and Europe. Over the years and after seeing very beautiful landscapes of different countries, we realized that there are many tourist attractions that we also find in China, from “golden" glaciers to sacred mountains and crystalline lakes. In fact, they are very abundant and just as impressive and fun, but many of our friends did not even know them. Therefore, we do not want them to be buried under the dusk, so we want to show you all the greatest treasures.

And that's why at Seasonal China we want to help you and invite you to “discover the unknown." We hope that our page will put at your disposal all the useful information and tips necessary to carry your luggage and come on a trip with us in the blink of an eye. In addition, the most important thing is that we even know in what time and season it will be best for you to travel to each place, and, also, which are the most beautiful and worthwhile destinations.

In short, we are super willing to become your partner in crime, the kind that you can count on whenever you need. Doesn't this sound amazing? What are you waiting for to embark on an adventure with us!